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PHS Islands Residents

Membership in the PHS Islands Homeowner’s Association is open to any resident of Palm, Hibiscus or Star Island.  The association is a volunteer organization, whose Board of Directors are homeowners just like you. 

Our theme:  It’s About Making a Difference

Our focus:  To make the islands an even better place to live

With the annual dues of $500, you receive the following:

      Our Executive Director Tim Rose, works for all members of the association!  He responds to requests for information or assistance from members, maintaining close communication with the Board of Directors and has become a reliable, 24-hour a day, 7 day a week point of communication for association members to address questions, complaints and concerns using cell phone, computer and postal mail.

      Each year, the volunteer Board of Directors works on issues of community concern.  Without our Executive Director, the implementation of these issues and concerns would not be possible.  Here is a summary list of the areas where he has focused his energies and creativity:

For more details of our Executive Director activities and how he makes a difference, click here.

      Access to exclusive web based members only section of PHS Islands website. 

o      Convenient internet entry of comments and feedback on guard gate security and police issues.  As the new guard gate and transponders become activated, the police will be following their “post orders”.  These job descriptions will be available on our website so that all residents are aware of their functions and responsibilities.  As a member, if you would like to make any comments on a specific guard, you can conveniently enter that on the web and they will be automatically forwarded to the police supervisor and Tim Rose as well as tracked in our database.  This will enable all members to “supervise” our police staff to ensure quality service. 

o      Participation in new annual survey of member needs and desires.  In order to ensure that the organization accurately reflects the needs and desires of the community, the Board of Directors needs your input.     With almost 300 homeowners it is very difficult to achieve complete agreement on all issues.  Therefore, our website will be used as a tool in getting a consensus of member opinions. If you do not have internet access, we will provide you with a written survey form so that you can be assured to have your input.

o      Participation in periodic polling.  From time to time, the Board of Directors will request your opinion on particular issues.  Each homeowner will receive one vote on these opinion polls.  If you own multiple properties and pay dues on each property, you receive one vote for each property.

o      Participation in member discussion forums.  At Homeowner meetings, there is never enough time to discuss specific issues.  Some people don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of groups and others can’t make the scheduled meeting time.   In order to enable all members to participate, we are starting web based discussion forums.  From the privacy of your home and at your convenience, you can weigh in with your comments and opinions.  We will have standard forums (public works, utility under grounding, etc.)  and may from time to time, start one for a specific “hot” issue. 

o      Updated news on key projects.  In between the newsletters that are produced, get up-to-date information on our website.

       Special Events

        Administrative and Communications Expenses

o      Printing and reproduction, postage and delivery, office supplies, mobile phone, meeting costs, computer acquisition and repair, liability insurance, licenses and permits, hospitality

o      Special needs such as legal and engineering fees associated with utility under grounding project, and capital purchases such as signs and file cabinets.


       Send your $500 check made payable to:  “PHS Islands Association” to: 

PHS Islands Association
152 Palm Avenue
Miami Beach, FL  33139

       Further questions?  Please contact Tim Rose at 305-299-2617 or tim.rose@phsislands.org